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End of Maintenance, Patch Notes

Hello Masters,


All server's are now online, you may login to play.

The following patch notes:


[1] Extraction Book of Synergy & Extraction Book of Option has been temporaryly disbaled. 

[2] Boxter event has been added to server scroll below to find out more!

[3] Trade system has been set to normal, you may trade mixmall items again, though equipment will remain blocked on certain items.

[4] Security changes added to server. 

[5] Weekly Rates 5x Exp/6x Core/7x Item



Thank you,

MixMaster Team

Note: GameMasters will always have a GM Mark above their heads. [GM] does not need your personal informations to make any changes. We will not ask for your account password. If you meet someone pretending to be [GM] (Without the GM Mark above the head or asking for personal informations), report it to us in

Posted on Sept., 4 2017

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