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End of Maintenance

[1] Removed Boxter Event
[2] Black Hair Dye can now be traded only in supercarpet
[3] Fixed CrabKing Formula
[4] Fixed Dream Eater Formula
[5] Fixed SuperMagic Image
[6] Fixed NeoGolden Attack Ball

The following hench listed below stat rates have been updated, you can update the
hench stats by taking the core to a GM to update if you had already mixed/dropped
before the changes were made today, all other hench mixed from 30th november will
updated automatically when mixed/dropped.

The following:

-Soul Eater
-Rolling Stone
-New Persona

Regarding website issues, we are currently updating our SSL, website will be normal within the next 24 ~ 48hours.

Kind regards,
MixMaster Team

Note: GameMasters will always have a GM Mark above their heads. [GM] does not need your personal informations to make any changes. We will not ask for your account password. If you meet someone pretending to be [GM] (Without the GM Mark above the head or asking for personal informations), report it to us in

Posted on Nov, 30 2017

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