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End of Maintenance

 Hello Masters,

Thank you for patiently waiting. We are pleased to announce the server is now back online. You can now login to our servers, please take some time to read the patch notes below.

[Patch Notes]

[1] - Removed Xmas Event.
[2] - Removed Boxter spawn bug.
[3] - New Party System has been enabled.
[4] - Fixed Bugged formula (RollingStone).
[5] - Potion cooldown settings updated (to prevent future cheats).
[6] - Trojan/Magical/Crescent can now be traded.
[7] - All Crafted Weapons can now be traded.
[8] - NeoToonga Formula has been fixed and added.
[9] - Changer has been changed to "Gender Changer" also can stack to 99.
[10] - Premium Flower in book can now stack to 99.

Kind regards,

MixMaster Team

Note: GameMasters will always have a GM Mark above their heads. [GM] does not need your personal informations to make any changes. We will not ask for your account password. If you meet someone pretending to be [GM] (Without the GM Mark above the head or asking for personal informations), report it to us in

Posted on Jan, 15 2018

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