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Monthly Spending Rewards Added.

Hello Masters

We are happy to announce our first monthly tier rewards!
How Does it work?

Now, when you charge any amount of CP (Cash Points) you will accumulate ACP, which is Accumulated Cash Points.

Example: Top up $5.00 you will receive 500 ACP to use, keep in mind when you purchase a package, it will deduct the ACP show beside it from your (ACP) Balance.

Enjoy even better rewards now when you recharge! We have added a link to access this page via mix mall, clicking the Monthly Rewards tab.

Note: GameMasters will always have a GM Mark above their heads. [GM] does not need your personal informations to make any changes. We will not ask for your account password. If you meet someone pretending to be [GM] (Without the GM Mark above the head or asking for personal informations), report it to us in

Posted on May, 02 2017

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