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Improved Siege Affair Coming!

Agipara Armour will be changed to:

-EXP 1.5x, ITEM 2x, CORE 2x, GP 2x, Damage-25%, Mixing Success Rate 1.2x

Siege Affair Castle Winners (Daily Reward Hench Box)

Each day, Guild members and leader can speak to the NPC in either Mekrita or Magrita to receive a Hench Box, this gives members a chance to win a Hench varying from bad luck to good luck.

[Extreme Rare 1%] Core Lv121-140
[Rare 10%] Core Lv81-100
[Normal 15%] Core Lv61-80
[not good 30%] Core Lv31-60
[bad luck 40%] Core Lv1-30

Siege Affair Participating Reward Box (Only Saturday Sunday).

Speak to the NPC in either Magrita, or Mekrita Siege Affair so be sure to join Siege Affair each weekend, even to get free items for participating in the battle.

We will be updating these changes in the next maintenance.

MixMaster Team
Posted on May, 14 2017

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