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End of Maintenance. Patch Notes!

Hello Masters,

The following bugs that were attended to today as follows:
[1] Increased MixDestroyer drop rate.
[2] Add neo to NeoFennecus.
[3] NeoSaruff Formula Fixed.
[4] Added Souleater & Garugon to drop.
[5] PinkFlyer 67(1) + NeoWildBuma 68(1)Mix Formular fixed.
[6] Fixed siege affair magrita box 5 bug.
[7] Fixed trojan bracelet effect info.
[8] EDIT:(We will add 27th June).Added Neo Full Premium Item in MixMall.
[9] Rates has been increased to 4*Exp | 7*Core | 7*item | 2*GP.
You can now login to the server! Thank you for your patience!

Posted on June, 26 2017

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