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Tips to keep your account secure.

Hello masters!

We have recently received some reports from players who got their accounts ("hacked") for common reasons, then we have decided to make this post to give you tips to keep your account safe.

We made this post to prevent them from events like this, check out important tips below to keep your account secure:

[1] Do not share your account [ID / Password] with anyone.
[2] Do not access dubious content sites, official news and information about Mixmaster online are posted only on our official site ( or our official facebook page ( .
[3] Do not use your account information on illegal servers, we have received reports from players who had their accounts accessed by third parties after using their information on third-party sites. The appropriate legal measures are being taken against the illegal servers.
[4] Keep your antivirus updated, and just visit our game using our official client available through the link
[5] All information must be handled in our primary domain, followed by the HTTPS security protocol, which keeps your information private.
[6] If you have any questions, please contact

We (Joyple AU) (MixMaster Online Team) only take actions to recovery lost items in case of bugs in game / web or possible irregularities.
Best regards,
Mixmaster Online team.

Note: GameMasters will always have a GM Mark above their heads. [GM] does not need your personal informations to make any changes. We will not ask for your account password. If you meet someone pretending to be [GM] (Without the GM Mark above the head or asking for personal informations), report it to us in

Posted on July, 11 2017

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