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Beginner's Guide

What is a Guild?

Guild is a team of users that exists in the game. Guilds are created by a user for the user. Guilds are created by good friends to deepen their relationship or to complete common objectives. You will be able to enjoy the world of Mixmaster even more if you find allies, share information and help each other out.

Why should I join/create a Guild?

Being a part of guild and working as a team is one of the most attractive aspects of Mixmaster. There shall be many events which can only be joined as a guild member, or quests which cannot be completed without some reliable companion. In the world of Mixmaster, there are extremely tough monsters which simply cannot be defeated without friends. To build a strong guild and recruiting strong allies are one of the most enjoyable parts of Mixmaster. Playing a game with someone is always more enjoyable than playing by yourself right? In the future there will be siege battles and territory invasion events. These events can only be joined as a guild. Do not miss out on these simply because you did not want to join a guild.

How to Build a Guild?

There are 3 requirements to build a guild:
- There must be at least 4 members. The Guild Master and 3 Guild Leaders.
- The Guild Master must be at least level 30. The Guild Leader must be at least level 20.
- Guild Master must pay 2,500,000GP as a Guild set up fee.
1. If you pass these requirements, you must talk to the Guild management NPC who resides in every town.
2. You must enter the names of your master, the names of leaders, guild information and entrance requirement.
3. All 4 of the above members must be online at this stage.
4. When everyone presses OK, the Guild is up and running!

How to Join a Guild?

1. Talk to the Guild management NPC who resides in every town. All guild info shall appear if you press [Enter Guild/ View list].
2. Double click on Guilds to view Guild Introduction.
3. If you are interested in joining a guild, click[Enter Guild]. 4. You have joined the Guild is the Master grants the entrance within 3 days.

Guild Chat

You may use Guild Chat to communicate exclusively to your Guild members. To use guild chat, you must add '#' at the beginning of the message box.

Guild Symbol

You may use your original graphic as guild symbol.
##Please do not use copyrighted symbols.##
1. The symbol should be a BMP file with 16x16 pixel size, 24bit. With R=255, G=0, B=255.
2. Save the image in C:\\Program Files\MixMaster Online or the folder you've installed the game.
3. Talk to the Guild Management NPC and go into Guild management
4. Click the empty box on top right. Please enter the file name and press OK. Please be careful as Guild Symbol cannot be altered after 3days of confirmation. You can change it once with the 3days.

Guild System Rules:

- You can only join one Guild.
- Once you leave a Guild, you cannot join them within 6 days.
- When you leave a Guild, you cannot join another Guild within 3days.
- Guild will be created straight after the payment.
- Guild can only be split up Guild member is less than 3 including the Master.
- If Guild entrance is not granted within 3days, it will be cancelled.
- The Guild Master cannot leave the Guild until he has given the Mastery to another member.
- Guild Master characters cannot be deleted.
- Guild Name must be between 6-12 characters. Guild introduction must be between 100-200 characters.
- Guild entrance requirement must be between 50-100 characters.
- Maximum Guild member is 60.

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